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The other day I was driving back home and while passing thru a narrow road I found a motor Bike parked in front of a small shop right in the middle of the road blocking my way. I honked, but still the owner did not come out to move the bike. I was angry and continued honking for about 5 minutes, when the owner came out and looked furiously at me and moved the bike. I drove past him and had just reached my house a few minutes later, I found the bike owner coming from behind and stopping by my side with threatening gestures. A young acquaintance of mine happened to be there and he with threatening gestures forced the biker to retreat and made him go away. This shows that I did not tolerate the bike owner for parking in the middle and blocking my way and he did not like my honking and disturbing him. Since we both could not tolerate each others action, it means we were intolerant of each other. In the same way a friend of mine had stopped a biker from speeding in the colony where children play on the street. After few minutes later the biker returned with couple of his friends and threatened him. He explained that the purpose was for the safety of children as well as the biker. In my view "not tolerating" and "Intolerance" are synonym and have the same meaning. Every one in real life comes across situations where one is intolerant or not tolerant of the action of others. If one looks back on the event of the day, one will find how many times he/she was angry upon others not liking some body's action or behavior.

One reads every day in the newspaper about crimes being created on petty matters. On the road not giving side to the vehicle behind you, speeding past another vehicle or in a minor accident, the involved parties get to fighting each other involving the spectators as well. Do not try to be a peace maker between the two waring groups as they wont tolerant the interference and harm you. Have you ever tried to speak to a person in slightly louder voice? Well they won't tolerate it even if you are older than him. Want to give advice based on your experience to your friend, family members or even kids. They will either ignore you giving slight respect or ask you to keep your mouth shut. Every one has become wise- experience or not and will not tolerate you. In the job, the situation is not much different. If one is a junior staff, he tolerates the bad and rude behavior of the boss as his job is in jeopardy. On the other hand the boss tolerates the behavior of a subordinate, if he has a nuisance value or contacts with higher ups.

The level of tolerance in people has gone down considerably and spreading like wild fire in our country. There is an increasing incidence of divorce in couple, which is simply due to not tolerating each other. Increase in crime is also the cause of lack of tolerance. If one does not like the other, he tries to teach him a lesson.

Intolerance leads to social, family, cultural, academic, political, community and global problems. On the cultural, front ban on admission of certain group to certain areas. Even political leaders can not tolerate the statement of opposition leaders, which results in loss of nation's time and money delaying the progress of the nation.

On the world scenario, the intolerance has even engulfed the world. Nations do not tolerate each other either due to conflict in ideology, economy, territory or power leading to tension amongst countries and diverting more funds towards military and less towards citizens'' welfare.

So what is the big fuss about intolerance in India? Why every body in India from political leaders to common man, Bollywood actors, writers, civilians and media are talking about intolerance. There are debates on whether there is tolerance in India or not wasting time and money. Even the nation's parliament did not remain aloof from this discussion.

It all started with the statement of Bollywood star Amir Khan. It was picked up by the media and given great importance and the debate started. Then started an avalanche of statements, either supporting it or against it. Why his statement was given so much importance- neither he being not an expert in the matter nor had he provided any statistical data to say what he has said. It was just an ordinary statement, which any one can give. It seems funny he involved his wife's name for it. It was unmanly on his part. Being a star he should be careful what he says in the public. People should speak only in the matter in which they have expertise and not be jack of all trades.

Amir Khan mentioned about the fear. Fear is a common factor in the life, whether it is tolerance or intolerance. Fear of theft, fear of losing money or loss in business, fear of the film going flop; fear of war, flood, fire, life and so and on. Where ever one goes in the world there is a fear of some kind or the other, but no body leaves a place because of fear. We are living in fear directly or indirectly. But fear can not be an excuse to migrate to another country. One can do that without fear too. But one can not escape totally from fear.







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